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Hi and welcome to my site! I am a Self-Representing Artist and Freelance Illustrator.

Please browse the galleries above to view my recent works and art available for purchase.

Fantasy art is my passion , but I am open to exploring other genras like horror and sc-fi. Mostly, I work freelance creating Illustrations for : books, cd's, magazines, conceptual design , RPG (Role Playing Game) Character Portraits and illustrations. My works are created by hand in Digital and Traditional Mediums such as Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor/Gouche, Colored Pencils, graphite, digital ( painted in photoshop / painter). I also have knowladge of Traditional Print Making mediums. I can also create vector artwork and can do graphic design layouts and the occasional logo.

Commissioned artwork can take anywhere from 1 week too a few months depending on my work load and complexity of the piece; so please let me know about your project in advance and as soon as possible so I can fit you in my busy scheduale and meet your deadlines.

This website might be a bit out of date but I am currently working on some updates. Please bookmark this site and check back often. Updated site hopefully to happen in 2016. I apologize for any inconvenience!

You can also follow me on face book to stay current with what I am creating.

Thank you all for your interest and support!


Carol's Comission status

Taking projects for 2016

Please email Carol to get a quote for your project
and a better idea of when she might be able to fit you in.

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Ren Garcia has released a free PDF version of his original book Sygillis of Metatron.
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Temple of the Exploding Head Now available

The Temple of the exploding head by Ren Garcia available at

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Dead Held Hands Cover temple of the exploding head
Temple of the exploding Head Saga
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The League of elder Hazards of the Old Ones
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This Beautiful Book features 19 illustrations ( 7 of which were done by carol phillips)

Prince of Bryanae By Jeff Getzin available on

More info about this book can be found at :


Carol Phillips Art- Fantasy Fine Art And Illustration